For over 50 years, Sambuco has been createing artistic ceramic works. From the very beginning, the company has decicated special attention to the study and creation of liturgical pieces that embody the characteristics of functionlity, significance and the artistic aesthetics dictated by the liturgical reform. The church has been particularly careful to see that sacred furnishings should worthily and beautyfully serve the dignity of worship, and has admitted changes in materials, style and ornamentation prompted by progress in the technical arts and with the passage of time. The same values were also expressed by the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II in his encyclical letter entitled "Ecclesia de Eucharestia" written in 2003.

Today, Sambuco is the only company in Deruta specialized in this field that is qualified to produce altar sets, baptismal fonths, holy water fonts and objects used for Christian celebrations in the most precious and refined shapes and decorations.

The high quality creaftsmanship, along with the innovative design of its vast production, is directly inspired by the century-old ceramics tradition. A tradition that is also reflected in Sambuco's collections of floorings, plates, plaques, vases, bowls, votive tiles and paintings in the widest range of shapes and dimensions, featuring holy images depicting the Madonna with Child, Biblical images, symbols of the passion of Christ. saints and much more.

Special care and dedication is also taken in creating objects related to Franciscan symbols, from which Sambuco has also taken the "Tau" symbol, including it in a great number of its creations. This symbol was particularly dear to St.Francis, the patron saint of nearby Assisi.

The company can also satisfy any special request from its clients and, thanks to its staff of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, it offers the widest range of solutions in accordance with current regulations regarding quality and traditional craftsmanship, using highly qualified tools and resources to design and produce the pieces.

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